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Nothing truly begins— until you write "The End!"

All writers dream of selling their novels or screenplays, and a key part of my job as your coach is to help you hold fast to that dream. But not until you have completed your unique story do you have something to sell. Until you complete the story that only you can tell, there is nothing to show, nothing to sell.

Every year, countless people start screenplays or novels, but more than 75% will not finish.
Don’t be one of the many people who have unfinished novels and unfinished screenplays, who are unread and unknown.

I guide writers on a path to success.
I help writers make their unique journey, completing their stories, and reaching their dreams. As your writing coach I will show you how to complete your screenplay or novel, and to make your unique work of excellent quality, singular originality, and certain marketability.

Only you can write your screenplay or novel. It may well be that all you need to make your dream come true is the one-to-one support and guidance of a writing coach— and to never, never, NEVER let go of your dream.

Nothing begins until you can write "The End"! What are you waiting for? NOW is always the right time to start living your dream.I am writing this to tell you one thing: You can do it. I will show you how.

Hi-Way Haven is A Place for Writers!

Created in Encinitas, California in 2004 by the author, screenwriter, and writing coach, Vera Caccioppoli, Hi-Way Haven offers writers of all skills and ages private coaching, screenplay analysis, novel evaluations, screenwriting workshops, writing seminars, readings, networking, and special events with visiting authors. Call Today 760.815.4341 (California Time)




Vera Caccioppoli, MFA
Founder, Hi- Way Haven: A Place for Writers

Vera at hiwayhaven@yahoo.com

One-to-one Coaching for Screenwriters and Novelists —with Coach Vera, you can complete your novel, screenplay, or memoir—and make your dreams come true!

Know how good your screenplay or novel is—and how to make it even better! Get your screenplays covered or an intensive novel evaluation with Vera Caccioppoli. Free 20-minutes consultation!



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